30 maio 2009

embalos de sabado a noite.

and we are done!!!
godness nem to crendo!
vai dah ate p faze laundry!
mas o ponto principal eh: assessments tds done!
- falta ainda passport e feedback da conferencia... mas isso eh o d menos!

caraca ano mais rapido da minha vida.
e ponto.

vo durmi entao.
amanha o dia eh longo!
nao mais divagacoes por hoje.

beijinho, beijinho, tchau, tchau.

sugar; honey, honey.

"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
(eleanor roosevelt)

escrito na xicara do meu lemo and ginger tea com uma pitadinha de honey


28 maio 2009

hey, jude!

e qm diria q meu querido diario me seria de grande ajudap faze assessment?!

jude 1.20-25 (MSG)
But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, staying right at the center of God's love, keeping your arms open and outstretched, ready for the mercy of our Master, Jesus Christ. This is the unending life, the real life!
Go easy on those who hesitate in the faith. Go after those who take the wrong way. Be tender with sinners, but not soft on sin. The sin itself stinks to high heaven.
And now to him who can keep you on your feet, standing tall in his bright presence, fresh and celebrating—to our one God, our only Savior, through Jesus Christ, our Master, be glory, majesty, strength, and rule before all time, and now, and to the end of all time. Yes.

e q o cafe faça efeito!

21 maio 2009


"Ganhastes santas batalhas, sem canhões, atravessaste caudalosos rios sem pontes, marchastes incríveis distâncias descalços, acampastes inúmeras vezes sem coisa alguma para comer, tudo graças à vossa audaciosa perseverança! Mas, guerreiros, é como se não tivéssemos feito coisa alguma, pois resta ainda muito mais para alcançarmos!"

parte 4

Compassion in Action by Mother Teresa

To me, God and compassion are one and the same. Compassion is the joy of sharing. It’s doing small things for the love of each other-just a smile, or carrying a bucket of water, or showing some simple kindness. These are the small things that make up compassion.

Compassion means trying to share and understand the suffering of people. And I think it’s very good when people suffer. To me, that’s really like a kiss from Jesus. And a sign, also, that this person has come so close to Jesus, sharing his passion.

It is only pride and selfishness and coldness that keep us from having compassion. When we ultimately go home to God, we are going to be judged on what we were to each other, what we did for each other, and, especially, how much love we put in that. It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put in the doing ~ that’s compassion in action.

One’s religion has nothing to do with compassion. It’s our love for God that is the main thing. Many Christians and non-Christians come to help in our houses in Calcutta and throughout the world. We have volunteers of all religions working with our aides day and night. Religion is meant to help us get closer to God, not meant to separate us.... true religion, no? All God really wants is for us to love him. The way we can show our love for Him is to serve others.

You may ask how the contemplative life fits together with compassion in action. It fits together by bringing union with God. Jesus said, “ Whether you do it the last of my brethren, you are doing it to me.” If you do everything for him, you are acting as contemplative in the heart of the world.

There is contemplative life where people separate themselves completely from the world and live a life of prayer, of sacrifice. We are out in the world doing that- being contemplatives in the heart of the world.

We need a life of deep prayer to be able to give until it hurts. It seems the more we have, the less we give. And the less we have, the more we can give.

The need is great for food, clothes, medicine, and tender-love-and-care. This is the greatest need. We have homes for the dying, for lepers, for children, for the poorest of the poor. And now, in the United States, we have homes for people with AIDS, also.

My message to the people of today is simple. We must love one another as God loves each one of us. To be able to love, we need a clean heart. Prayer is what gives us a clean heart. The fruit of prayer is a deepening of faith and the fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.

Religion has nothing to do with compassion; it is our love for God that is the main thing because we have all been created for the soul purpose to love and to be loved.

parte 3

hail, diario!
como sa va? (sempre uma mestra em spelling)

anyway - oprah's leadership academy
The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls—South Africa is a boarding school for grades 7–12. It is the school of Oprah's dreams, but to make it a reality, she has to find the perfect students. "This is a school for leaders," Oprah says. "This is a school for powerful girls who will use their power in service to their nation and to our world."
Teams from the school worked tirelessly recruiting applicants in the rural areas of South Africa. "We wanted girls living in places where they would never had a chance such as this one," Oprah says.Teachers quickly began telling their most promising students about the school. Students like 13-year-old Lesego (above, left) see the school as their destiny. "I know for a fact that I'm going to get into that school," she says. "Come hell or high waters, I am going to this school."
(nota da raquel: determination right here!)
Throughout the day, Oprah meets girls who have endured the unimaginable. Two of those girls are sisters Sade (left) and Megan (right). As 5- and 6-year-olds, the girls watched their father shoot their mother and then shoot himself. Oprah says she fell in love with them instantly.When Sade walks into the room, Oprah says the outgoing younger sister is like "walking sunshine." Although Sade exudes pure energy, Oprah finds that Megan has a quiet inner strength. "You can tell that she has been through a lot and that she takes the responsibility of looking after her sister," Oprah says. "Knowing her history … you just can't even imagine. Where does that light come from?"
Zodwa, who lives in one of the poorest and most dangerous communities in South Africa, lost her mother to AIDS. Still, Zodwa feels she can turn her hardships into something wonderful. "I really feel like I could be a great leader, an example to other girls, show them what girl power really is made of," she says.
It is the question that every potential student has on her mind, but only one girl is brave enough to ask. "As you see me," Charlene says. "Do you think that I'm good enough to be selected to go to the school?"After a small pause, Oprah replies. "I think that you are good enough," she says.Oprah says everyone has wondered that at one time. "That is the ultimate question that all of us ask of ourselves and of our lives—am I good enough?" she says. "And this little girl had the courage to ask that question."
Lesego loves school and is already becoming a leader. She teaches a poetry class to other students after school. Although she lives with her father in a home with no indoor plumbing and a caved-in ceiling, she doesn't consider herself disadvantaged. "I've got this spunk," Lesego says. "I've got this flame inside me that's waiting to burst."
On January 2, 2007, after years of dreaming, Oprah and her students cut the ribbon to open the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls—South Africa.

jah posso parar por aqui nao?!
um dia a gnt bem vai lah diario :)

por enqto, musica p da força p termina assesment
http://www.myspace.com/crombies (indiscutivelmente meus faves!)

the girl w brown eyes

13 maio 2009

break -

meus livros me entretem :)

10 maio 2009

parte 2

from animal welfare to international human rights, "this is the place to shop around for a cause that fires you up. Learn something here and take action!"

isso tava mto bom ontem até a bendita hora q meu bendito computador travou - mas "do something" kind of speak by itself aye?! do something = do something! se eu for falar mais alguma coisa vai fica igual meus assesments 1 resposta p 3 perguntas!! ahahahahhahaa

just get up n do something!
what do u wanna do? just do it. smile to someone, recyle, pray 4 ur friends, have a lunch time prayer group at ur school, give someone a hug, dont complain 4 a day, buy a coffee to a new friend, call an old friend, send a card to ur grama, plant a tree, give some money to a charity project, give out the clothes u dont wear anymore, volunteer at a social project, sing in the rain, teach the housekeeper's kid to read, teach ur mum to dance, make someone happy, do a random act of kindness, look 4 change, be the change.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."
(edward everett hale)

much love,
and do something.

ps. www.myspace.com/abovethegoldenstate

04 maio 2009

parte 1


d formas mais inusitadas, novos sonhos me surgiram hoje,
e olha q eh segunda e eu passei o dia todo tendo tutorial...
mas qm disse q as coisas acontecem do jeito q a gnt espera?!
nd mto definido ainda...
mas ideias novas surgindo...
e eu amo isso!!!
pq "há mto p fazer, n ha mais tempo p olhar p tras"...
and "now that i have seen, i am responsible."
e qm sabe oq pode acontecer?!
hope high!
bright future!

entao vamo lah
vo contando uma inspiracao d cd vez
sem ordem d preferencia, mas na ordem q me convem :)
- o diario eh meu e eu tenho esses direito neh?!


"The A21 Campaign is comprised of individuals, organizations, government officials and people like you that are committed to abolishing injustice in the 21st Century. Our goal is to raise awareness, take legal action and offer rehabilitation services to rescued victims of human trafficking in order to fight this injustice from a comprehensive approach.
Our initial response to the injustice of human trafficking is focused in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece - with the long-term intent of venturing into other areas of Europe where there is a need. We are determined to start making significant difference in a country that the UN says is one of the highest-ranking destinations for human trafficking.
In preparation for this project, we conducted extensive research on human trafficking by visiting the onsite locations of shelters, rehabilitation centers, legal advocacy offices, issue awareness agencies, as well as high-density brothel areas. We have also met with key members of different anti-trafficking organizations located in Cambodia, Greece, Holland, The UK, and The U.S. to discuss best practices and the most effective models for rescuing and restoring victims. Through our research, we have developed a model that will not only see victims truly set free - but also fight this battle from a legal perspective and pull this injustice out by its roots.
The Overall Long-term Strategy:
To implement this strategy we have created a 3-phase model. Phase 1 consists of the establishment of a Project Center. Phase 2 will follows shortly after significant legal preparations have been made and will consists of the establishment of an assessment center and a small-scale restoration facility that could house up to six girls. Phase 3 will consists of the establishment of a permanent large-scale home which will be able to house a larger number of rescued victims."

n there u go - 21 things u can do:


n the video:

oq/como/qdo vai acontecer eu n sei...
mas eu sei q greater things still to be done!
"...hope now, hope always!" (psalm 131.3)

nEle, que é minha maior inspiraçao

02 maio 2009

n all that jazz

salve, salve, querido diario!

semana intensa acabando

"today i've learn" (cm jah diria o rove)
hoje - nessa semana - eu aprendi q dizer nao faz bem - te spare d mta dor d cabeca.
mas dizer sim pode trazer desafios bem interessantes! pq no final td certo, aye?
e p dor d cabeca tem paracetamol ;)
nd contra equilibrio
srta equilibrio falando aqui
mas nd contra um bom desafio!
n q eu seja super bem-humorada e otimista durante a execuçao...
(ainda mais em certas epocas mensais)
mas foi uma semana bem sem estresse - e dá-lhe equilibrio!!
nd cm bons cafes, livros, shops, amigos, filmes - e acima d td um BOM DEUS - p eu passa meus bocados feliz da vida :)
yes, He carries me.
n thats all that matters!

coisas q acontecem e se compartilham num kids office:
Christian pick up lines...
1. "nice bible."
2. "is this pew taken?"
3. "i just don't feel called to celibacy."
4. "for you i would slay two Goliaths"
5. "i would go through more than Job for you"
6. "you are perfect, except with all the sin."
7. "when Moses struck the rock, water flowed from it like a river. i promise i will never strike you."
8. "you are so unblemished that i would sacrifice you."
9. "what, this here? oh.. thats my study bible - it's a little bigger but i can handle the extra spiritual and physical weight."
10. "shall we tithe?"11. "at points in my life i have been referred to as Samson"
12. "the word says 'Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry'; how about dinner?"
13. "i didnt believe in predestination until tonight."
14. "im not like those other Christ Church guys."
15. "i believe one of my ribs belongs to you."
16. "i know Lachlan Payne."
17. (if no.16 gains no response) "Lachlan Payne knows me"
18. "i went on a beach mission but all I ended up doing was mission you."
19. "i can be your Boaz."
20. "my spiritual gift is my good looks... it lifts peoples spirits"
21. "i sacrifice my sunday mornings to look after the creche group. its tough... but i love children."
22. "is this the transfiguration.. because you are glowing"
23.. "i have a job and im willing to move out of home."
24. "mark driscoll takes up 35% of my ipod memory."
25. "hey.. i would work 7 years for your sister.. but i would work 7 more years for you."
26. "im kind of a big deal at Koorong"
27. "hey good-looking, Ecclesiastes 4:11..."
28. "absolutely. i often throw clothes into the samaritan bin.."
29. "bible-gateway happens to be my homepage."
30. "im a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That's what kind of man I am."
31. "marry me."
32.. "can I buy you a non-alcoholic beverage?"
33. "i have many sponsor children. one in each developing nation."
34. " im one of the fortunate ones..greek and hebrew come pretty easily to me."
35. "my favourite species of vegetation is the church plant."
36. "did i just have mud rubbed in my eyes?"
37. "what's an xbox?"
38. "now i know why Solomon had 700 wives... Because he never met you."
39. "i used to believe in natural theology, but since i met you i've converted to divine revelation"
40. "i look after widows"
41. "is that a thinline, duo-tone, compact, ESV Travel Bible in your pocket"
42. "why dont i have a bible dictionary? well, i dont really need it."
43. "bathsheba had nothing on you"
44. ''you put the 'cute' back in persecution...''
45. "your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Gilead"
46. "so, can i clothe you in righteousness?"
47.. "how many times do I have to walk around you to make you fall for me?"
48. "how would you like to join my Purpose Driven Life?"
49. "if you say no, i will rip out my hair and my beard"
50. "if you say no, im going to tear my clothes, get in my sackcloth and rub dust into my head.."
51. "if you say no, i'm going on a pilgrimage."
52. "unfortunately i cant perform miracles and ive only got enough bread and fish for 2 people."
53. "so, my parents are home, you wanna come over?"
54. "let me remove my sandals before I come any closer.."
55. "lets say, hypothetically, you were married. I would send your husband to the front line against the Amorites"
56. "its obvious to me that you sprouted from the good kinda soil..."
57. "feel free to meet me at the threshing floor."
58. "you can lie at my feet.."
59. "i know its absurd, but every time i walk towards you, it feels like im being lead to bethlehem."
60. "if i had to choose between a romantic date with you or a night with the fellas... i would sit at home and read my bible."
61. "i really like your spirituality, it goes well with that shirt."
62. "welcome to the christian family... the only family where brothers and sisters can marry each other"
63. "i did a love tester on your name and mine.. it came back 'predestined'"
64. "you're totally depraved but i'd still like to go out with you..."
65. "you can come crash at mine tonight. i have a separate room prepared."
66. "i'm a proverbs 32 kind of guy and you're a proverbs 31 kinda woman..."
67. "im interested in full time ministry, and not only that... i also play the guitar."
68. "mmm... you really have to watch out for that man of lawlessness.. but dont worry, im not him, so you're safe with me."
69. "if we were around with noah... then you, me... pair."
70. "i arrange the substantial christian section of my bookshelf into alphabetical order. coffee?"
71. "i sit with my mum at church"
72. "let me sell you an indulgence because it's a sin to look as good as you do."
73. "not a big fan of your last name, but thats cool, i can change that."
74. "Solomon had 700 wives. You can be my 2nd girlfriend. But bring your friends."
75. "i have a bible verse tattoo. its permanent. its also in ancient greek."
76. "i consider myself to be fisher of women. this would be referred to as "casting my net"."
77. "i'm pretty much considered an elder in the congregation these days"
78. "it would be my honor to present you spotless on the last day."
79." Me. You. Song of Songs: the remix."
80. "when i read philippians 4:8, i think about you."
81. "i would leave 99 sheep to come and find you... and then i would carry you home joyfully on my shoulder"
82. "i prayed up the front at church tonight."
83. "im developing the newest form of singstar: hymns and songs of worship."
84. "look, you're nearly 22. most christians are 3 years into marriage by now... just settle for me."
85. "i come from Egypt.... the same place Moses lived."
86. "my general biblical knowledge is quite vast, probably because i finished bible trivia as a child."
87. "who's your favorite apostle?"
88. "you make the Queen of Sheba look like a hobo."
89. "i have familiarised myself with all 5 love languages, in fact, i invented 4 of them."
90. "let's go for a ride in my zondervan"
91. "I like to think that I'm all things to all women.."
92. "have you died before? because that looks like a resurrection body to me.."
93. 'all im looking for is a Godly woman. i don't care that you're not attractive.'
94. 'you float my ark.'
95. "do you need prayer? because i am certainly willing to lay hands on you"
96. "as Shammah the son of Agee a Hararite protected the field of lentils, so i wish to protect you."
97. "you make me want to be a better Christian."
98. "i will never give you reason to hammer a tent peg through my skull."
99. "i predicted David over Goliath... now I'm betting on you and me."
100. "if you were staying for the tribulation, i would consider staying too.. but then i would probably leave."
101. "if you were a leper, i would still hold your hand.. even if it wasnt attached."
102. "i would have asked you out to dinner, but i just put all my money in the offetory basket."
103. "Hi, I'm Calvin. You were meant to choose me."
104. "Unlike the Israelites, who forgot the Lord, I will remember your name most of the time."
105. "you are a galations 5 fruit salad."
106. "i mentioned you in my testimony."
107. "can you make your decision, because im keen to build a commemorative altar and bunnings is shutting in 15 minutes."
108. "shotgun."
109. "the perseverance of the saints is well illustrated by the amount of time I spend talking to you."
110. "the Lord Jesus was into carpentry. Im doing an apprenticeship."
111. "If you were my wife, I would never make you pretend to be my sister. That would be too damaging to my reputation."
112. "I would bring your father twelve-hundred Philistine foreskins for just one date with you."
113. "I've been called the 11th Plague of Egypt: Boogy Fever."
114. "are you pentacostal cause I would really like to speak in tounges with you"?
115. ""Do you know what the difference is between going to church and making out? No? Wanna go to church with me?"
116. "Can I put my bible next to your bible?"
117. "Didn't I see you singing to the shepherds when Jesus was born?"
118. "Didn't Solomon write a song about you?"

ahahahhahahahahhaa u gotta love that ppl!

hopefully, ainda terá nutcracker e chicago (ou chigaco, dependendo da falta d cafe no sangue) ate o fim do mes!
eee ainda tem um q a gnt abo c o povo da art academy!!
man! have ever told u i love this place?!

escrever emails encorajadores, preencher forms, enviar invitations, fazer assesments (ah naaah! heheh), e filminho se der tempo ;)
e jah sao 00.03
sim, diario, eu sou brasileira e vo dexa metade da lista p ultima hora (a começar pelos assesments!)
ahahahahhahahaa aaaaaa Jesus me ajuda!

falo hein

ps. live '09 arrebentando over vila velha!! yes! amo meus conterraneos-world-changers!