26 fevereiro 2009

ao som de lisa gungor.

cm perspectivas mudam, nao?!
n thank God 4 that :)
"i feel change coming"
actually, it has already come!
being the change i wanna see (not lisa. colour.)

e o fim de semana jah começa d novo!!!
e cd vez mais divertido!!
trainings/visitas/office/fuel/vision builders/kids/voltage/voltage/carpark/album recording
"the big n the small" - all great things in my sweet n adventurous journey :)
e sempre algo surpreendente!
something normal turned into something beautiful! (not lisa. jars.)
cos He's way "more than just a name"!

e mto gjs por vir, sure!!!

e dpois d mto cafe numa noite soh a gnt trabalha pq eh o melhor q a gnt faz ;)

much love.
"so i surrender all that i am 4 His plan. im just a carrier."

22 fevereiro 2009


20 semanas.
brazil again.

"de resto eu não me prendo
o meu fardo é leve, ouvi dizer
a vida é breve, o tempo vai passar
que eu saiba aproveitar"

(se por acaso - crombie)

feliz carnaval.

18 fevereiro 2009

o que é meu tá guardado ;)

mais d 2.30am
e contando
no meio d leituras, torradas, danças uniformizadas e traduções, n imaginei q eu pudesse chegar em tantas conclusoes dpois d certas horas :)

"ironically people are hungry for simple because the world has become much more complex (...) simple is in. simple works. ppl respond to simple."
(simple church - thom s. rainer and eric geiger)

hail to the King!

"do not arouse or awaken love untill it so desires."
ss 2. 7

food for thought

wisdom thoughts by ps. steve penny (wave church - virginia beach)

- the problem that infurious u the most is the one that God has called u to solve
- the secret of ur future is hidden in ur daily routine
- intolerance of ur present creates ur future
- those that cannot increase u will eventually decrease u
- u'll never leave where u r 'till u decide where u wanna be
- when fatique walks in, faith walks out
- when u discover ur assignment, u discover ur enemy
- what u repetelly hear, u'll eventually believe
- what u respect u'll attract
- men decide their habits, n ur habits decide ur future
- the proof of desire is pursuit (fav!!)
- when God wants to bless u, He puts a person in ur life. when the devil wants to curse u, he puts a person in ur life
- never discuss ur problems w someone who is incapable to solve it


"above n b4 all, do this: GET WISDOM..." (pv 4. 7)

17 fevereiro 2009

for such a time as this.

mta coisa acontece em 12 dias
de queda drástica da temperatura to gravação do i heart (or whatever it was),
últimas semanas have been quite epics!

li 'one night w the king' in the last 2 days devido a minha cold e a consequente falta de vontade de sair de casa...
but what a book!!

"when u r in the presence of the King of kings, destiny - not just ur own but the world's - can change in the twinkling of an eye."

"i never forget those moments w the King of kings, not ever. today, i suppose i am the most expendable person u could imagine. an old infirm man. one good whack of a bandit's sword would do me in. yet i remember, w/out vanity i hope, that i have stood in His presence n found favor w Him. n no one can ever take the joy, the knowledge, the certainty of that away."

"i hoped as much 4 u, dear. but u know, i learned long ago, after the death of our families, that sometimes we have to live w far less than our highest wish. yet even, G-d walks through he disappointment w us. we r not second-class persons to Him just because our lives have taken us to some low places - some of them of our own making, some of them not. i believe even then He can do mighty things through us. He can reveal a ourpose 4 our suffering. your story is not over, hadassah. in fact, i'm convinced it has hardly begun."

"but i could not afford to spend time pining 4 the past time in my life. the present demanded all i could give. n more."

"influence flows from intimacy - true influence based on the deepest trust flows out of the richest intimacy."

"...always remember that favor can restore in a day what was stolen over a lifetime."

no mais, mto fuel, mto voltage, mto youth, mto kids, mtos offices, mtas calls, mtos carparks, mtos tutorials, mats classes, mtos espressos (short, strong n powerful!), mtas chapels, mta gnt nova, mtos emails, mtos txts, mtos packs, mtas piadinhas, mta roupa p lavar, mtos - mas mtos - coffees, mtos chicletes, mtos rdgs, mtos cgs, mta chuva, mto vento, mta chuva de vento, mto crombie, e mais um pouco de café.
e lots of faith, hope n LOVE.
coz in the end, thats all that matters :)

thats all folks.
much love.

-ps 18. 20

05 fevereiro 2009

intense intensive week

querido diário de bordo,

semana bem intensa mas bem proveitosa.
- pq afinal, busy n eh o msm q fruitful -
mas os 2 podem ocorrer ao msm tempo, igual essa semana.
soh n liguei ainda pro max e n fiz nd d kids office...
maas liguei p tds minhas rdg girls e fui no connect e o rdg foi o mais engraçado do planeta!
- pq when a man loves a woman...hehehe -
aulas bem produtivas, even as q falam de email etiquette (valeu, steve!)
chapels sem explicaçao!
epicas as always!
e eu ainda fiz body jam 2a p mamae e p meu pt rapper ficarem orgulhosos :)
e ainda li cs lewis
e, hopefully, amanha começo outro livro

e p completa, mto proverbios e mta sabedoria
e vamo q vamo!

Jesus, lover of my soul
All consuming fire is in Your gaze
Jesus, I want you to know
I will follow you all my days
For no one else in history is like you
And history itself belongs to you
Alpha and Omega,
You have loved me
And I will share eternity with You
It's all about You, Jesus
And all this is for You
For Your glory and your fame
It's not about me
As if You should do things my way
You alone are God
And I surrender to your ways
(Paul Oakley)

beijos, diário.
a gnt se vê.

03 fevereiro 2009

did the capitain of the titanic cry?

hj foi dia d connect
dpois d combined staff mtg - funniest ever :)
e 4hrs d robert fergusson - epic!
e a gnt tava conversando sobre algumas 'hard questions' q a gnt tem q face
not only as ldrs, but as ppl, as christians
so, here they r:

1. who r my cose friends n who do i allow to sharpen me?
2. am i teachable? how do i respond to criticism?
3. who am i personally leading to Jesus?
4. how well do i handle my finances?
5. is this my opportunity or im just waiting 4 it?
6. does my timetable reflect a priority 4 ppl, Jesus, Bible n prayer?
7. what attitude do i have when submiting to a decision that i dont like/understand?
8. who threatens me n how do i handle other ppl's success?
9. if numbers tell a story, what story r they telling?
10. what words would a person use to describe me?
11. do i really care 4 what im doing? where is my heart?
12. am i approachable?

they all really challenged me
am not sure if i could pick only one
but i think that now i have to work them out
not only sit n think about it
but live it out
n see/dream/experience/tell/do/live greater things!
n value my dear 24hrs
e vo vivendo um dia d cd vez p eu n me perder :)

e eh isso ai
preciso achar meu timetable

01 fevereiro 2009

ah, os domingos...

benditos domingos!
nd cm um bom sorvetinho ao som de crombie no fim do dia :)

vision sunday foi mto inspiring!
im excited i was born for such a time as this!
coz we've got new years b4, but never 09!
yes, the best is yet to come!

um dia eu get used to this thing here.

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